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Being an animal is hard. Especially for the bottom of the food chain. Your goal is to hunt for food and dodge the predators while doing it. You play as a different version of you in different worlds and areas.

All the Areas/Levels and enemies  are Procedurally Generated.

By hunting food faster and dodging enemies, you can survive longer and unlock more worlds. Top players with higher scores are awarded in leaderboards.

Features :
* Procedurally (dynamic) generated levels
* Leaderboards
* Save game progress
* Quality settings - dynamic resolution options
* Roguelike
* No loading screens or waiting periods. Except, leaderboard score list.

* Better Control than Android version

Install instructions

Extract ALL the files in the downloaded zip to the folder you prefer. And run "Into the Wild.exe" to open a Game. Pin it to task bar or start window if you like.


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Version 3 47 days ago

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Android Version is Available.

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